Message #32

Date: Nov 14 1999 08:42:51 EST
From: "Darrel Morisse" <>
Subject: Fabric Wrinkling

>> I asked a few days ago if it's normal for the wing fabric to wrinkle
>> slightly outboard of the strut attach points, but got no answer.  Is this
>> normal?
>By "strut attach points," I'm assuming you mean the wire attach points.

Sorry.  My error.  Should have said landing wire attach points.  My fingers
were keeping a secret what was going on in my brain.

>Second, is it wrinkled all the time, or does only show up in flight (or,
>conversely, does it show up on the ground and disappear in flight)?  The
>load pattern changes when a plane transitions from ground to flight.

Also should have said that it wrinkles in flight, not on the ground.
Wrinkles from the area of the attach points outboard.  This is an indication
that the spars are bending slightly and I was curious if this is normal in
the Flybaby.  My Kitfox wings bend quite a lot under load but since it's a
high wing I can't see if they're doing any wrinkling or not.

>Wouldn't hurt to pull of some inspection panels and take a quick look
>inside, just for peace of mind.  A small flashlight and a mirror on a
>stick will let you look for loose braces, etc.
>Ron Wanttaja

I had a pretty good look around and all looks to be in order from what I can
see.  Even though the airplane was built 30 years ago, it was very well done
and I'm confident in it's structural integrity.  Some new rag on the wings
sure won't hurt though, but that's gonna have to wait awhile until after I
get this new Kitfox flying, which I anticipate around Y2K time.  Building
the panel now, all else is pretty much done.

Thanks for the help,

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