Message #37

Date: Nov 16 1999 08:36:20 EST
From: "Darrel Morisse" <>
Subject: New list member

I have been aware of the flybaby for a number of years, but untill today I had never seen the plans or the plane up close (all my wooden airplane experience is with Pietenpols).
Then, I came upon a treasure at about 9:30 this morning... a 1971 issue of the complete EAA plans for the fly baby. I have had my nose burried in the book and on every flybaby site I could find all day. NEAT little plane, and after a Sky Scout and an Aircamper the construction would be a snap. AND I happen to have an EA-82 handy without an airframe behind it ;-) hmmmm grey cells are turning ;-)
Have there been any major changes to the design since '71 (safety wise) ?
Also, being in Southern Ontario, aircraft spruce is hard to get, and worth more than gold when you get it...has anybody used a different wood for the plane (with appropriate sizings of course)?
Mike Lund
Welcome Mike.  I don't have the answers you're looking for, but I'd like to hear what others have to say.