Message #58

Date: Dec 01 1999 15:30:04 EST
From: Frank Stutzman <>
Subject: Re: Fly Baby vs. Volksplane

On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, Mike Lund wrote:

> Besides, it saves me the trouble of making a VP-1 look like a flybaby--now I
> can make a flybaby look like a P-26 <grin>

One of the thoughts I had with my FB project (quick status update: I
bought the plans a year ago ;-).  To do it right you kinda have to change
the landing gear, IMO.  I know its been done ala the PT-22 which is close
enough for me.  Has anyone here done it or seen it done (I have the
pictures that came with the plans, but there really isn't much detail to
be seen).

frank stutzman