Message #73

Date: Dec 02 1999 21:22:54 EST
From: Ron Wanttaja <>
Subject: Re: Fly Baby Fakers

Frank Stutzman wrote:
>  What are the interface difficulties you mentioned
> in your note, Ron.  Rigging aileron linkages are the only thing that I can
> think of that would be that much of a headache.

The main one I was thinking of was going from a box spar (wide) to a
plank spar (narrow).  Unless you come up with some massive kluge that
joins the plank spar to BOTH the front and rear webs of the box spar,
you'll have to just connect it to one web of the forward spar and one
web of the aft spar.  Access to the end of the spar pin is complicated
by the box, unless you make a long enough spar pin to go through both
both the webs in one spar.

Matching the airfoil shape will take a bit of work, too.  The front spar
is a bit forward of the maximum thickness of the airfoil, which would
make it a bit easier than if it was right at the thickest point.

Finally, if you project the box spar all the way through the cabin,
you'll see that it needs to occupy some of the space currently used by
the control stick and linkage.

None of these is unworkable (after all, there has been at least one such
Fly Baby built) but could really, REALLY slow up your building process
as you try to solve these problems.

Ron Wanttaja