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Date: Dec 08 1999 15:21:53 EST
From: Dave Williams <>
Subject: RE: Hello William

Hello Bill, thanks for the invite.  Hopefully I can make it up there this
spring.  Should make a nice X-country.  Have a great day.

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To: FlyBaby
Subject: RE: Hello William


Hey Dave, now I know where your talking about. The
minute I sat in the Flybaby I was hooked. It doesn't
feel like a toy, it's much bigger than I expected. If
you get a chance to come up this way let me know you
can come over and see what I've got so far. It does
help to actually be able to see it up close. If your
ever at Fitchburg Muni stop in at Fitchburg Colonial
Aviation, thats where I work. Bill.

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> FlyBaby
> Hello William,  I fly out of New Bedford (EWB).  I
> have about 170 hours in a
> 172 but  no FlyBaby,  yet.  I hope to fly out of
> Myricks, next to Taunton
> Municipal.  It's grass and the guy that owns it runs
> a banner towing
> business.  Very friendly.  I don't have the
> facilities yet to house or build
> a FlyBaby but if all goes well, maybe by this
> summer.  Have not flown much
> this year but will be heading over to Plymouth for
> some tail dragger
> training.  I figure if I am going to spend the
> money, might as well be in a
> trail dragger.  Thanks for the reply.
> Dave
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> FlyBaby
> Hi Dave, Not quite sure where Lakeville is. I'm in
> Winchendon and I fly out of Fitchburg Municipal. I
> wish I had a biplane, no such luck. Nice to know
> there's more than one of me to go around. I've got
> about 100hrs. in Skyhawks rented from the local
> flight
> school where I do Maintainance (not an a&p yet
> though).So what shape is your FlyBaby in. If anybody
> out there is interested I know of a
> finished,covered,painted but no firewall forward
> except for the mount, also has Cub brakes Flybaby
> for
> $2500.00. Give me an e-mail and I can get you the
> guy's number.
> --- Dave Williams <> wrote:
> > FlyBaby
> > 
> > Hello William,
> > 
> > I am a new member also,  from Lakeville, MA.  Are
> > you the Bill Hunt with the
> > biplane amphibian?  Weather's been great lately. 
> No
> > ice yet.