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Date: Dec 12 1999 22:48:14 EST
From: "Mike Lund" <>
Subject: Re: Rudder/ Elevator bows--Spruce?

I am in St. Thomas, Ontario-- About 50 north of Cleaveland.

I wouldnt really call the FB a "project" yet--more like a disoginized pile
of materials and an engine in a very cluttered basement ;-)

Steam bending is no prob, Ive done some of it on a couple canoe projects, I
was just hoping to avoid having to build a steam box. Think I'll try the
soak and clamp method first.

I am trying (dreaming?? <grin>) of getting the ''one off-time consuming"
type pieces done in the next couple weeks. New baby is supposed to pay a 20+
year visit 2nd week of Jan, so after that my time is going to be more
"snatch a few minutes here and there"

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From: stephen langford <>
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Date: Sunday, December 12, 1999 10:10 PM
Subject: Re: Rudder/ Elevator bows--Spruce?


I had about an inch and one half springback on the bows after clamping.
When I re-clamped for gluing,
i used spring clamps every two inches. "C" clamps at the ends to hold
the strips to the jig for right shape.
I suppose one could make a tighter bend on the nail jig to allow for
springback to the proper shape and then clamp together with just the