Message #183

Date: Dec 13 1999 20:29:46 EST
From: Frank Stutzman <>
Subject: Re: 1/16 ribs

On Mon, 13 Dec 1999, Guy Sammons wrote:

[ other good comments snipped ]
> The aircraft if built to plans
> will produce the lowest cost and easiest aircraft to build.

Perfectly true.  However, with all the modifications that I am
considering, my finished product could hardly be called a flybaby (two
holes, Ryan landing gear, center section for starters).  In order to get
what I want, I'm willing to trade complexity and costs. The flybaby is a
good place for me to start (does anybody know of another all wood, open
cockpit monoplane design that has as good of plans?).  As I'm going into
uncharted territory, it behoves me to scrimp everywhere I can on wieght.

So far the only arguement against 1/16" ribs for me is getting the 1/16"
by 1/8" grove in the cap strips.  I suspect some of my cabinet building
friends have suggestions, though.

Frank Stutzman
(my other plane is a Bonanza.  I'm used to high costs and complexity ;-)
Hood River, OR