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Date: Dec 14 1999 10:59:55 EST
From: "Guy Sammons" <>
Subject: Re: 1/16 ribs

If the groove is your only concern you can cut the groove with a 1/16"
router bit set up in a shaper or even in a hand held router using a guide to
keep the groove centered.
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From: Frank Stutzman <>
To: FlyBaby <>
Date: Monday, December 13, 1999 8:44 PM
Subject: Re: 1/16" ribs

>On Mon, 13 Dec 1999, Guy Sammons wrote:
>[ other good comments snipped ]
>> The aircraft if built to plans
>> will produce the lowest cost and easiest aircraft to build.
>Perfectly true.  However, with all the modifications that I am
>considering, my finished product could hardly be called a flybaby (two
>holes, Ryan landing gear, center section for starters).  In order to get
>what I want, I'm willing to trade complexity and costs. The flybaby is a
>good place for me to start (does anybody know of another all wood, open
>cockpit monoplane design that has as good of plans?).  As I'm going into
>uncharted territory, it behoves me to scrimp everywhere I can on wieght.
>So far the only arguement against 1/16" ribs for me is getting the 1/16"
>by 1/8" grove in the cap strips.  I suspect some of my cabinet building
>friends have suggestions, though.
>Frank Stutzman
>(my other plane is a Bonanza.  I'm used to high costs and complexity ;-)
>Hood River, OR