Message #220

Date: Dec 19 1999 08:05:58 EST
From: "Darrel Morisse" <>
Subject: Re: Stitts Epoxy Spar Varnish.

I have a question for anyone with prior experiance of covering
In Bower's plans he say's do not apply varnish (the one part type) to
areas that you stick the fabric to.
Does this also apply to the two part type of EPOXY VARNISH? or, should I
brush it on and rough it up with sand paper, before applying the POLY

I've covered two Kitfoxes, both with wooden ribs and 1" wide cap strips.
Prior to covering I varnished everything with two thinned coats of Polyfiber
(Stits) epoxy varnish (very tough stuff).  Then prior to covering, all cap
strips were sanded with coarse sandpaper to give some tooth for the poly
tack.  There are several acceptable methods of laying the fabric.  The best
advice I can give is to spend a small amount of money and buy both the
Polyfiber video and the manual.  It's invaluable and will take even the
extreme first-time novice through a top notch covering job.  The video stars
Ray Stits himself and covers everything from initial prep, to covering, to
painting.  IMO it's worth it's cost many times over.  Oh yes, plan on rib
stitching too.  Both the video and book make it easy.
Hope this helps,