Message #286

Date: Jan 25 2000 02:13:00 EST
From: (stephen langford)
Subject: RE: Test & Intro

You have really made progress on your Baby!
I still like building the wings.
About the tail wheel spring, I'm going to have the 4340-E heat treated.
Did you buy parts from Replicraft?
I'm still waiting for the axle to be finished.
Kinda got burned out building ribs for the wings so I took a break for a
while. I started working on a 1/3 Scale J-3 Cub from Balsa USA.
141-1/2" wing span.
It's in the bones stage now ready for covering. Takes a 2-4 CU IN
 Billy, are you in the music business?
I'm a drummer from the 70's and 80's country, rock, and a little
And a lot of water has gone under the bridge.
If you find a time that you will be free,
let me know and I'll drive down.
I live in Cosby TN. about 35 miles NE of Gatlinberg.