Message #291

Date: Jan 25 2000 14:01:15 EST
From: lindo@Radix.Net
Subject: Another Intro

Hi all,
Iím also glad I found this list.
Iím finally starting my FlyBaby project. 
I will be building Dave Mundayís Tandem FlyBaby. Dave sent me his AutoCADD
drawings for the modifications to the fuselage for the two place. The
AutoCADD drawings are on the web site as well in .jpg format for those who
donít have AutoCADD.
I Also down loaded the construction drawings from his web site to properly jig the fuselage up.
Take a look at his construction photos.

It is as strait forward as the original with thicker longerons and trusses
as well as a stretch 
It naturally needs a larger engine. It will fly with 65-85 but Dave really
stresses the bigger engine. He did all his numbers around a 125hp 0-290.
Iím looking at both aircraft as well as auto conversion power plants. I
really like the idea of an inline such as a CAM 125 or the Walter. Thereís
a RV-3 flying with a Walter and the numbers are very good not to mention
how neat it looks.

Iíll be building the jigs to cut all the rib webs out with a router this
weekend. Itís anyoneís guess when I finish the plane. Iíve helped others as
well as assisted in the restoration of a 7AC Champ so Iím well aware of the
time involved.


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