Message #292

Date: Jan 25 2000 15:11:31 EST
From: "Billy Beck" <>
Subject: RE: Test & Intro

> From: stephen langford []
> Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2000 2:13 AM
> Subject: RE: Test & Intro

> Billy,
> You have really made progress on your Baby!

	Actually; no.  That's what it looked like when I bought it.  It's quite
well along, but that's got its own challenge: I don't really know the
airplane in the way of people who've built it up from nothin'.  I'm still
learning about how it will go together from how it got this far.

	Last night, I was looking at the swing link support (that's p. 6-2, fig.
6-1, of the plans) on my right wing, and comparing it to the plans, and it's
different.  (It also follows advice on that little assembly published, with
a drawing, in the Feb. '68 "Fly Baby Bulletin", except that the one on my
wing looks better done.)  I have to catch up to just know my way around the
bits: just because they're mostly all together in big chunks, that doesn't
mean there aren't a lot of them.

> Did you buy parts from Replicraft?

	Not yet, but I probably will.