Message #295

Date: Jan 25 2000 17:34:29 EST
From: (stephen langford)
Subject: Hinges

The hinges that will replace the AN-257-2-300 (which or obsolete now)
comes by the foot. Page 75 TOP in the ACSP cat. Piano hinge. P/N
will work.
You will need to buy some music wire to replace the hinge wire. .090
If you look at pg. 179 BOTTOM in ACSP. you wil see some AIL. henges for
See how the hinge pin is bent to shape so that one of the hinge bolts
goes thru an "eye in the pin.
As for the LG struts I would spend the extra money and buy the spruce
from ACSP.( $3.13 a lineal FT.)
I have made a clamping device for the laminations.