Message #315

Date: Jan 29 2000 12:06:27 EST
Subject: Re: Cantilever-Winged Fly Babies

Hey guys,
  Can I jump in here and show my ignorance.  I've wondered about the "clean" 
wing design for a Baby for years.  Since I'm not an engineer, I've questioned 
lots of folks about the possibilities for designing either a bolt on 
arrangement with a beefy center section, or a carry-through spar design.  Tom 
Rhode's book, "Stress Without Tears" is crammed with great information for 
basic design requirements---and from what I read therein seemed to suggest a 
box-spar with carry through.  Now, having said that, two problems come to 
mind:  Changing the airfoil to accomodate the larger spar, and room for the 
spar carry-through inside the cockpit.  
   The little "Warbird" homebuilts have the spar through the cockpit, and 
it's an uncomfortable squeeze with the pilot's knees riding over the spar.   
The Warner Revolution is a super little airplane, and I'm looking forward to 
seeing the larger sport model currently in the works.  They, of course, have 
the cantilever wing, but I don't know if it's a tube or box spar design.  
And, being a tandem job, maybe the spars pass through at a more desireable 
location.  Whatever---the more I search and dream and wonder and plan...I 
still keep coming back to the original idea of Mr. Bower's pure simplicity.  
Beef up the flying wires to 5/32, and plate thickness to .125", make sure 
you've got the spar carry-through strap...and I really think you've got a 
safe little putt-putt airplane.  Ron, I agree with you...that sound of the 
wires is hard to forget.  Isn't it just like a bunch of airplane nuts to keep 
trying to change a great design?  Hey, I'm including myself here.  
   The best part about the upcoming flying season is that it gets us back in 
the air, and out of the hangar where we  keep trying to foul up our little 
  All the Best!
Dave Koseruba