Message #379

Date: Mar 24 2000 20:47:52 EST
From: Ron Wanttaja <>
Subject: Re: Who is going to Arlington

Frank Stutzman wrote:
> FlyBaby
> I'm giving some serious thoughts about hitting Arlington this year.  First
> time ever.  As I've owned a set of the plans for about a year and have
> never seen one in the flesh, I'd be really intersted in the FlyBabies
> that show up.  Who here is taking their plane.  Ron, do I get to see
> Moonraker in something other than a GIF file?

Whether I bring it depends upon a number of factors.  Since I cover the
event for KITPLANES I drive up every day, which makes it awkward to
bring the plane.  The last couple of years, I've been bringing Moonraker
up on Sunday, since it's usually not very busy and I no longer have to
bring extra camera gear, water, etc.

Pete Bowers usually gives his "history of the Fly Baby" seminar on
Saturday morning.  Last year, he couldn't make it so I took over.  May
happen again this year... we'll see.  If the weather cooperates, I may
try to get my plane there for the seminar so we can have something to
poke at... :-)

Ron Wanttaja