Message #385

Date: Mar 25 2000 13:27:04 EST
From: Ron Wanttaja <>
Subject: Re: Panel Pictures

Ron Wanttaja wrote:

> scott sanford wrote:
> >
> > I don't think that it will surprise anyone that the FlyBaby will be my first
> > attempt at building a (real) airplane, so this question is more on the
> > general side.
> BTW, before we get into the main questions themselves, I'd like to
> mention that I hope to dig up and scan in a set of panel photos...I'll
> put 'em up on the web site.

Done! I've added 'em to the details page I keep on an alternate server:

Note that I've now got my "personal" Fly Baby logo heading up this
page.  I had this printed up at a local's what's in the
painted circle on Moonraker's forward cowling.  I don't publicize it
because it uses a bit of copyrighted artwork.

Ron Wanttaja