Message #412

Date: Mar 30 2000 18:38:59 EST
From: Dale E Still <>
Subject: Re: Received Complete Issues of the Bulletin

Well, gas welding gives you the opportunity to reheat the entire joint,
allowing for "stress relief" of the joint. It's a lot easier to "touch up"
a gas weld, since you can "push" the puddle around and fill in. I have
found gas welding of thin tubing to be way easier than MIG. Interesting
note: Stinson 108 series aircraft were stick welded.
dale still

stephen langford wrote:

> FlyBaby
> Here's a question I have for someone-
> Welding 4130 with a MIG or TIG as compaired to GAS welding, is it true
> that electric arc wlding cools down too fast and makes a brittle joint
> where gas heats the metal evenly with a slower cooling resulting in a
> stronger weld?