Message #450

Date: Apr 25 2000 16:52:44 EDT
From: (David E. Munday)
Subject: Re: Mod. to sta. 5

I think you should be fine.  There isn't much transverse load back
behind the pilot seat so redirecting it a couple or three inches ought
to work fine.  If you keep the 1/8" plywood skin on top of the
fuselage primary structure and under the turtledeck you can probably
do with just moving the 3/4" square crosspiece back three inches.

On Sun, 23 Apr 2000 12:42:30 -0400 (EDT),
(stephen langford) wrote:

>Steve here, I am working on a modification to station 5 because of my
>Maybe some of you experts can give your advice on this.
>I am 6'3" and do not have enough leg room. I have made pockets in the
>floor between sta. 1 & 2 but my right heel hits  sta. 2 cross piece when
>applying left rudder, I do not want to cut into sta. 2, so I have come
>up with this idea-----On sta 5, cut out the upper cross piece the same
>width as the back of the seat (or wider/ to fit my back) and move it
>back 4 inches.
>Weld up a 3/4" sq. tube truss shaped like  the "notch" and attach bolt
>flanges that bolt thru the "stub" cross pieces left on the top of sta.
>5. this should replace the strength of the station.
>Could also make a "pocketed seat back to allow room for a chute.
>I will have to shorten the removable turtle also.
>Any thoughts on this idea??