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Date: Jul 03 2000 12:37:57 EDT
From: "David Knowlton" <>
Subject: Re: Gear legs, lumber,etc.


I am new to website. I am jealous of your start -- good luck and have fun. I 
need to finish rebuilding my old house. When I finish i build a hangar in 
the backyard and then I will ask you for advice. Don't let the speed junkies 
get you down. The motto of my old martial arts club was "slow is fine".

David Knowlton

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>Subject: Gear legs, lumber,etc.
>Date: Fri Jun 30 15:27:36 2000
>Okay Folks:
>I've taken the plunge: picked up three sheets of marine grade okoume ply 
>from Harbor Sales yesterday (good looking stuff; but Harbor Sales no longer 
>aircraft ply) and placed my spruce order with Wicks. All told I've bought 
>enough to do the tail feathers and start the fuse.
>Went to my EAA chapter meeting last night and found out I'm the only one 
>building a wood airplane. Everyone else is into composites or metal. They 
>gave me a round of applause. I'm not sure if it was pity or encouragement! 
>The guys at work are having a never-ending field day with my new project.
>Now for business: I am having trouble locating 1/4"
>stock for the landing gear vees at a reasonable price. So far I've priced 
>A/C grade spruce for about $170, and fir or cedar at about $260-$360. I can 
>get great tulip
>poplar all day for a pittance (roughly 1/10 of those prices) but I'm 
>assuming it is too "hard" for the vees. Since they're laminated, what about 
>fir or spruce ply? Maybe 4 layers of 1/4" spruce ply laminated together??? 
>Or is this too weak?
>Any ideas/advice would be appreciated.
>Tim Hattwick