Message #547

Date: Jul 04 2000 11:52:24 EDT
From: Ron Wanttaja <>
Subject: Re: Horizontal Stab width

> baxta wrote:

> Hi guys;
>     I've been on the list for some time now and have learned a lot.
> I'm doing Fly Baby wings right now , but have a question about stab
> width. What are most people building? Eight , nine , or ten foot
> stabs. Am planning an 0-200 for power with mono. and biplane wings.
> Can anyone shead some light. Thanks.

Other than the two-seater builders, I haven't heard anything from folks
building other than the standard 8' width.  Which, admittedly, was
probably more set by the road-towing requirement than any aerodynmanic

I guess there'd be no harm in enlarging the horizontal, but I haven't
noticed any pitch stability or elevator effectiveness problems that
would justify the move.  

Ron Wanttaja