Message #549

Date: Jul 10 2000 22:25:06 EDT
From: matthew wise <>
Subject: mounting H-Stab

A question for the group....

I'm ready to mount the H-Stabs to the fuselage and
have noted an apparent discrepancy with the plans.  If
I'm wrong, please correct me.  On page 3-15, Bowers
notes that the "rear face of the H-stab spar must be
exactly one inch ahead of center of elevator horn
hole".  In figure 3-9 however, the rear face of the
spar is shown at 3 3/4 inch.  Which one should I go
by?  The top illustration in fig. 3-9 shows the center
of elevator horn hole at 3 1/16 in.  If I follow that,
that would put the rear face of the H-stab spar at 4
1/16 in.  Am I experiencing a conceptual error?

Matt Wise
Newport New, VA