Message #550

Date: Jul 10 2000 23:00:20 EDT
From: matthew wise <>
Subject: Horizontal Stab Mounting

I'll try this again since my message on Friday night
didn't post (yet)...

On page 3-15, Bowers notes that "the rear face of
stabilizer spar must be exactly one inch ahead of
center of elevator horn hole".  In Fig. 3-9, the rear
face of the H-stab spar is shown at 3 3/4 in. ahead of
the fuse end (only 11/16 in. ahead of the center of
elevator horn hole which is 3 1/16 in. from fuse end).
 Is this a discrepacy with the plans?  If so, which
dimension should I follow, text or Fig. 3-9
illustration?  If I am seeing something wrong here,
please let me know.

Matt Wise
Newport News, VA