Message #582

Date: Aug 17 2000 01:47:31 EDT
From: Ron Wanttaja <>
Subject: Fly Baby and Part 103 wrote:
> FlyBaby
> This may sound like a stupid question but hear it goes, can the flybaby
> classify under FAR 103 ?? Thanks for your reply

Nope.  Fly Baby empty weight is about 650 lbs, vs. the 255-lb max of
Part 103.  Heck, the Continental engine weighs almost as much as the
Part 103 limit.

There is a look-alike plane called the "Ultrababy" that might qualify.
It's a 75% scale 'Baby using a 2 cylinder VW conversion.  It's listed as
300 pounds, but the seller claims it can qualify as an ultralight with
some engines.

Ron Wanttaja