Message #606

Date: Sep 21 2000 17:03:05 EDT
Subject: Re:

I can reply to this one...I had a Fly-Baby with an A-80, and it did just 
great.  The prop was a McCauley Klip-Tip, and too short for a certified 
airplane, but it sure spun up great on the Baby.  It cruised well at 2250 
RPM, and indicated 85 mph.  The A-80 is just a redheaded stepchild these days 
though, and although the parts are like any other Continental, nobody wants 
to fly behind them or even work on them.  If you can just get past the fact 
that Teledyne let the certificate go on that model, it's a great little 
hummer.  Careful on the starts---it's got a lot more compression than the 
65's you may be used to, and prone to snap back when hot.  
Dave K
Charlotte, NC