Message #624

Date: Oct 02 2000 09:30:18 EDT
From: Ray Romeu <>
Subject: Re: [Scarf Joints]

Hello Luis, in the EAA "HOW TO" series book "Aircraft Building Techniques
WOOD" page 24 show plans to build a hand held scarfing sander using a drill, a
small sanding drum (available from Sears) and scrap plywood.
I have made scarfs on plywood for wooden boats using a small had held plane ,
it takes a very sharp blade, a nice flat work bench, a straight edge to check
your progress and lots of patience.
If you are using the newer glues such as epoxy then I don't think that the
warning about not sanding the joints to be glued is as critical, you can use a
scraper to go over the sanded joint if it makes you sleep better.

Ray Romeu 

"" <> wrote:

Hi guys:

I've been making practice scarf joints without a lot of success.

First I made a jig where I placed a belt sander upside-down on a bench and 
built a table and guide fence on it. That did not yield acceptable results 
as I had no way to keep constant pressure on the plywood.