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Date: Oct 10 2000 18:56:57 EDT
From: "" <>
Subject: Re: wing rib dimensions

At 02:43 PM 10/10/2000, you wrote:
>I just made a startling discovery...the distance
>between front and rear wing spars on the plan view is
>27 in.  On the full size wing rib drawing, the
>distance between spars is 26 5/8 in(I have them taped
>together correctly).  I realized this after making all
>wing rib webs per the full size drawing.  Can anyone
>verify this discrepancy with their drawings?  Or am I
>viewing this in error?  Any suggestions?

If I'm reading my plans correctly, the distance shown on fig 4-1 is from 
and to the center of each spar.

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