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Date: Oct 23 2000 13:48:49 EDT
From: Dave Williams <>
Subject: RE: Builder's website

Hello Luis,

Every little bit helps.  Great job on the "clean-up". I am building a 20x28
garage that should be done by the Spring.  Have a great day.


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At 10:29 AM 10/23/2000, you wrote:
>Great site!  I would love to see any photos you might have on shop layout.
>Have a great day.

Hi Dave:

thanks for taking the time to write. I have been working on such as page 
which is now posted on the site. It does not really have a lot about layout 
but it's more of a story on how I cleaned the garage and turned it into a 
workshop. I also mention some of the tools I have and other related details.

I hope it helps.


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