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Date: Nov 21 2000 12:48:35 EST
From: "" <>
Subject: Re: Epoxy

At 11:23 PM 11/21/2000, you wrote:
>I've used T-88 for well over 22 years on many projects and now exclusively
>on my second FlyBaby. I have a stavk of paper plates and just eyeball  the
>desired amount. I often glue a test sample and have never had a failure of
>the glue line. The only drawback is the slow cure time. I let it rest
>overnight or about six hours. This has never been a problem to me. I
>consider it the best glue in the world
>Keep the shiny side up

I'll agree with Ole on this. I've been doing the same thing and have had no 
problems with the joints.
And I've made several test pieces and they break anywhere but the glue joint.

I haven't used the syringe you mention but I don't think they're 100% 
accurate. You'll always have to throw away a small amount until the 
pressure equalizes and even then, the hardener is thicker and heavier so 
the amount dispensed may be off. The eyeball approach works just as good IMHO.

You can also purchase a fast-curing Epoxy (I think it's called T-5 but am 
not sure). Probably handy for quick jobs.
I like the slow curing T-88 as it allows you to position everything right 
on. It has a usable time of around 20 min. If you'll take longer than that 
to apply it, make a new batch.

I've also used WeldBond (available at HomeDepot) with excellent results. It 
cures a lot faster and works great on any porous surface. It also smells 
great <g>.

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