This is the Flybaby Archive.

In November of 2000, stated that they would keep discussion list archives for only one year and that they would delete the current archive as of December 14, 2000.

Rather than let the information disappear, I grabbed the archive off of the Listbot web site and have made it available here.  The information I have is exactly what listbot had, other than the fact that I have taken the liberty of removing all of the Listbot advertising.  I make this available to the Flybaby community in several ways:

I supply  it in all these fashions as I hope people will download it and create cd-roms of it, keep duplicate copies of it, steal it for their own web pages, etc.  The point is that this weenie web site ought not be the sole repository for this information

Eventually, I may create a search engine for it and make that available to everyone.  I wouldn't count on it happening though.  A guy has to spend *some* time butchering wood.

Frank Stutzman
December 19, 2000