Instrument Panel of
Bonanza N494B

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If you are familar with the front office of a Bonanza, you will notice that the one in N494B doesn't quite look like most of them.  The  former owners redid the panel by using the STC from Lancer (which no longer exists, but the STC *may* be availble from ARS in Sandy OR).  Even with the STC this apparently was a major effort.  Most all of the wiring in the panel was redone as well as a fair amount of sheet metal work.  This was about a 6 month project.

The panel is very nice to use.  Everything is layed out nicely and is all very convient to use.  All of the old "piano" switchs on the lower panel are gone and replaced with more normal switchs.  The radio stack sub-panel is canted out a few degrees towards the pilot for easier reading.  All of the engine gauges are on the center sub-panel in a very logical organization.

Other Bonanzas may have more bells and whistles in their panel than N494B does, but it has everything necessary and room to add more.