The FlyBaby++

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Note: Despite the following paragraph, this project is essentially dead as far as I am concerned. I am still interested in the FlyBaby and like to think that I would eventually build one. But there is no way that a software engineer like myself could pull of such massive modifications such as I have described here.

This is an experimental aircraft that I am noodling out the design on currently.  Its based off of
Peter Bowers Fly Baby design (see Ron Wanttaja's wonderful  Fly Baby web site if you are unfamiliar with the type), with enough modifications to have Pete spinning in his grave.  These modifications include

Whew!  So where am I with this monstrosity?  Pretty much nowhere other than backs of envelopes.  I have started stockpiling materials (got a great deal on some finnish plywood and spar grade aircraft spruce).  I pretty much have to wait until my shop assistant  Jake is out of diapers before I can start anything substantial.

Questions?  Check out the  FAQ first and then send  e-mail with your inquiry or contributions (I can always use money regardless of denomination).